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"There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask ‘What if I fall?’ Oh but my darling, What if you fly? "

by Erin Hanson

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People Participate in or seek out coaching because they want things to be different. They are looking for change or they have important goals to reach (Kimsey-House et al. 2011)


Whatever you want to change in your life, Coaching is a great way to get there. It is a model that focuses on the FUTURE not the past; on CAN DO, not can’t do.

I work with anyone who wants to smash their glass ceilings and become Olympians in Business or in Relationships.



It is time for YOU to Smash your Glass Ceilings,

Become a Life Olympian

A gold medal winner at Life

I have coached people who want a promotion, change of career, setting up a business and going through Divorce.

I also run Wellbeing Retreats with my colleague Sara from Breathing Space and offer healing sessions and Chakra Balancing from my office in Cambridgeshire.

Coaching can be delivered by Skype, Phone or face to face. To book a session email or call +1223 969644

  Believe it is possible

Beautiful Souls Wellness Retreat

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20th-22nd April 2018, Suffolk

The Beautiful Souls Retreat aims to heal hearts and minds and reconnect you to your soul purpose. It offers you a space to breathe from the stresses of life. You will have the time to think, reflect and contemplate where you are and where you are going, emerging stronger and more confident in your purpose and life direction.

This All-inclusive Weekend Retreat with complete clean food diet provided by nationally renowned clean food chef is priced at £350 per person sharing a twin room. Single occupancy rates available. Discounts apply for bookings of 2 or more people.

This unique retreat is designed for those of you committed to improving your well-being and having fun along the way.

You will get life coaching, learn mindfulness techniques, mediation and best of all laughter.

“It was an amazing experience, I felt loved and cared for by the rest on the course and am so glad I came, it has opened up my eyes to my own self worth” – JULIE

“It was a brilliant program with plenty of opportunity for fun and self reflection. Highly recommended” – LUCY

“The retreat was fun and very thought provoking whilst also leaving me with a clear sense of future direction and purpose. I recommend the retreat to anyone – try it.” – CLAUDIA

“A safe, soul supporting world away from everything. It allowed me to explore what really drives me, destroys me and builds me.” – TRICIA

More information available here.

To heal your heart and mind email here or call 01223 96 96 44

Who am I and Why do I do this?

Josie2016 103Adele McCormack, ASC, Ba(Hons)

My passion is seeing people transform. I am here to help you smash through your glass ceilings whilst having fun along the way. I want YOU to see the value in yourself, to take control of your life and realise your potential.

Life is here for the taking so let’s make it a good one.

I want you to really love yourself, love your abilities and love what you are capable of. It is time for freedom. It is time to feel sexy. It is time to be confident in everything you do. And when you can do all that, you will have the best relationships, but first you need to have that relationship with yourself.


As a qualified Social worker, Mental Health Professional and Life Coach, I have extensive experience in working with people around relationship issues. I am also an Accredited Senior Coach ASC with the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring and their Head of Professional Standards.

Relationships are the cornerstones of our lives and when we experience positive relationships, success in other areas follow. The most important relationship we have is with ourselves and it is fundamental that when ending a relationship or marriage that we are able to do this with minimal self-destruction and maximum amount of dignity. I work with people around the philosophy that Divorce does not have to be nasty or contentious even if your ex is an arse. If you want revenge, then I am not the person for you. My approach is about getting you to hold your head up high and being dignified. If you want to emerge from your marriage stronger and more confident then let’s get cracking.

My job is to get you to love who YOU are and to get you to achieve your potential in all areas of life. Your Divorce does not define you and it can create the opportunity to really focus on what you want from life.

I am a regular blogger about relationships and Divorce and some of my blogs have been featured in the Huffington Post. To read my blogs, check out my blog page



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