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Why SMART goals are not that smart.

In business the concept of setting SMART goals are everywhere; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound.  Yet I think these are one of the fundamental problems of an underachieving society, and a society where average is ok. Its the word

Ditch the Back Up Plan

As a child, I wanted to perform on the stage, TV and film. Literally anywhere there was an audience, I was dancing or acting. But along the way I received some very ‘sensible’ career advice from many people, teachers, parents,

When to Say I Love You

In a new relationship saying I love you can be one of the most exciting yet nerve wracking times. On the one hand if ‘I love you’ is reciprocated by your new partner, this can be an incredibly magical time.

How Mindfulness can help in Divorce

Supporting someone through a Divorce can be a difficult process, as can supporting anyone through an emotional trauma. This is because everyone is different, so there is never a one size fits all approach. I recently had the fortune of

What Divorce feels like

Many people may be wondering what divorce feels like, perhaps they are thinking about ending their marriage but are too frightened of dealing with the Big D. If you have never known anyone to Divorce and only seen it on

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