What is Coaching and Why do I need it?

Lots of people are talking about this coaching malarkey and wondering what it is all about. I would simply say, if you were an Olympic athlete and wanted to win gold, then you would hire the best coach to help you do that. The coach works with you to get you into the best physical and mental shape in order for YOU to win gold. A life coach is no different really, just making you the Olympian of your life.


A young Nigerian girl in a Leadership sessions once said to me, “I want to be the first female president of Nigeria”. I said “Great lets do it.” She looked sad and I asked her why. She said that she would never get to be president because she was female. I explained that the UK had never had a female prime minister until Margaret Thatcher and now as a country we have had two. Margaret Thatcher believed it was possible. If Margaret Thatcher smashed a glass ceiling then she could too.

I also told her that Nigeria will have a female president one day  and she had two choices; a) she becomes the first female president of Nigeria or b) she watches someone else do it

Glass Ceiling Smashers

Here are a list of some famous women, who despite factors which could have held them back, believed #anythingispossible and smashed those glass ceilings;

Oprah Winfrey – born into poverty and raised by a single mother. Now household name and North America’s first and only multi-billionaire

Jo Pavey MBE – 40 year old gold medal winner of the 10,000m at 2014 European Championships, ten months after giving birth to her second child.

Bozoma Saint John – the new Chief Brand Officer of Uber, a 40 year old black female

The world is evolving all the time and people are smashing glass ceilings left, right and centre. We have a choice of how much we contribute to being one of those people or watching from the side-lines.

If you want to smash some glass then get on board the coaching train because you will be in for one hell of a ride.

What is it that you want to be possible?

When you start coaching to achieve your goals, you will also notice that your wellbeing improves as a by product. Or if you want coaching to improve your wellbeing, you might find that your motivation increases and you start achieving your goals. Rather like a chicken and egg scenario. Either way you look at it, coaching has got to be of benefit, right?