Confessions of a Crappy Relationship

We’ve all been there, in a relationship which we now look back on and say ‘WHAT WAS I THINKING?’ A person that we thought we were deeply madly in love with, who was gorgeous and beautiful, but take off those rose tinted spectacles and we’re like WHAAAAAAAAAT !!!!

At the time it can feel heart-breaking but over time we can realise that the relationship was flawed and there is somebody better out there for us. Ultimately we learn more about ourselves when we go through a break up because it teaches us how to pick a better partner.

So, you want to get it off your chest, those embarrassing crappy relationships that you’ve been in, tell us about it, in our secret confession booth. Simply fill out the form below and I’ll add it to the Wall of Fame (although bear with me, it may take some time). It is all completely anonymous

Share your confessions to let others know that they are not alone in marrying a frog who was never a prince or dating a hunk who turned out to be a Hulk. Here are some to get your started.

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