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The Ripple Effect of Divorce

Often when people think about Divorce, they assume that it is about the couple ending their marriage because one or both of them had been an arsehole and now it’s going to cost loads of money on solicitors. And to

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Why are Celebrity Marriages failing right now?

This article was featured in Female First Magazine on 15th September 2015. To view a copy click here Current News appears rife with Celebrity Divorces. Last Thursday saw David Walliams and Lara Stone the latest couple to hit the scrap

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Why do people cheat?

This article was featured in Female First magazine on 1st September 2015. To view a copy click here Since the Ashley Madison scandal has become a high profile story, it has left many people questioning ‘why do people cheat?’ In

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10 Ways to Divorce with Dignity

This article was featured in Female First magazine on 22nd August 2015. To access the copy, click here Divorce is loaded with negative stereotypes of ‘she screwed me over’, or ‘he got really nasty,’ so we naturally prepare ourselves for a

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5 Ways a Divorce Coach can help

If you are having to go through a Divorce, one thing to consider is the use of a Divorce Coach. Here is how a Divorce Coach can help: 1. Reduce your Divorce costs Most people expect that getting a divorce

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Letting go of that Relationship

When it comes to ending a relationship or getting a divorce, emotions can be all over the place. You will be putting your anger and frustrations on your ex and them onto you. It is important though to try and

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How ‘blocks’ can hold us back

  I have always had this sense that I was destined to do something great but could never put my finger on what ‘IT’ was. A childhood of Ballet lessons, shows, exams and auditions ultimately culminated into the fact that

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Dealing with conflict at work.

There are many times during our working life when there are the people whom we simply do not get along with at work. It is not always possible to like everyone, however toxic work relationships can really affect your day

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