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Do you find that you are unable to maintain a relationship, or continue to experience the same cycles of unhealthy relationships? Working with a coach can help you unpick those patterns and remove those blocks to give you a happier future. We can help you establish better romantic relationships, help you work on existing relationships with your partner or spouse or help you manage difficult relationships at work

How Laughter can heal Hearbreak

IIn the midst of hurt and pain of heartbreak, the last thing that you can imagine yourself doing is laughing and yet the benefits of doing so can be extraordinary because laughter is a natural healer. It boosts the production

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How to Cope With Being Cheated on and Getting Divorced

Article also feature in the Huffington Post When you married your spouse, the idea was for better for worse, in sickness and in health, til death us do part and yet here you are, not dead and facing the prospect

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