What’s Right? – The most important question you need to ask?

How often will you ask someone ‘How are you?’ and the reply starts with a deep breath, before launching into the latest difficulty they have had to endure? How many of your conversations with friends and loved ones focus on what is wrong in your life?

In your company, how much time do you spend looking for problems, dealing with complaints from customers, frustrations from staff and conflict within a team? Always looking at What’s Wrong?

Working with a large health organization recently, I asked how patients could feedback about good service. “We have a complaints policy” they said. I believe that if you only invite complaints then that is all you will receive. How can you actually analyse staff performance when there is only collation of complaints? Absence of complaints does not really give much indication about what is working well, just that people have not complained (and there can be many reasons for that even if receiving a poor service).

Sure you may be able to prove that targets are being hit but you won’t be able to assess as a company the real reason why people return for a service.

Imagine you ask 100 people ‘What’s wrong?’ with your business. You will be sure to get some answers. You may then work to fix those problems. You may move resources away from what’s right to fix what’s wrong thus creating a gap for people to complain more about ‘What’s Wrong?’

You are probably well aware what your employees frustrations are, but do you even know why your staff continue to work for you? Do you know why they value the company? How differently would you view and understand your company, if you actually asked ‘What’s Right?’

I dare you to ask the question, the response will probably surprise you?

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