Why are Celebrity Marriages failing right now?

This article was featured in Female First Magazine on 15th September 2015. To view a copy click here

Image courtesy of marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Current News appears rife with Celebrity Divorces. Last Thursday saw David Walliams and Lara Stone the latest couple to hit the scrap heap. We’re seeing more and more celebrity couples part for good. Is it inevitable that these relationships will end because of the pressures of ‘celebrity’? Or is it the modern day view of marriage and relationships that have caused their demise?

Couples like Ben and Jen, Chad and Avril, Gwen and Gavin are perceived by the public as separate individuals with their individual careers. In the event of a split, each one could survive both financially and professionally because they have less attachments to each other. Handled in the right way by the right publicist, both parties could come out of the relationship professionally unscathed.

Ok so they do have children but staying together for the sake of the children is becoming less and less of a viable reason these days because more and more children are being raised successfully by single parents, divorced parents, step parents and even professional nannies.

The roles of both men and women in a relationships has also changed. Women are more financially independent and men are more involved in childcare so when the going gets tough, each party can survive independently. The factors for staying in a relationship are therefore getting fewer and fewer which ultimately gives us a less committed mind-set when entering into a new relationship.

For celebrities who have to sell themselves as a product, they also have to consider how the relationship will impact on their professional image. Perhaps for them, the boundaries of the ‘Business’ and marriage have become blurred. You would most certainly have a Pre-Nuptial Agreement to protect your ‘Business’, but this would mean that the marriage is viewed as a ‘business transaction’ and not a marriage.

If it was viewed as a ‘marriage’ then the pre-nup would surely be a defence tactic on the part of someone who knows that deep down it will not last. So why get married if you are prepared for it to fail? Where is the love, the fairy-tale, and the happy ever-after?

Any kind of marriage would struggle to survive the celebrity lifestyle; public scrutiny, pressures to uphold a certain image, doing promotions all over the world and spending countless hours away from the family. If both parties are famous and have the same pressures then eventually something will have to give. Perhaps divorce is inevitable within celebrity couples.

So how do David and Victoria Beckham with all the same pressures still seem to survive the storms and keep coming out stronger than ever? The reason could be that they have built a brand as ‘A Couple.’ They have delivered as ‘A Couple’ and the public have bought it. Brand Beckham are expected to stay together and stay together they will. A separation/divorce could destroy the story.  It’s the fairy tale that we all believe in. The longer they are together, the more powerful they become. It’s a successful Business.

Or is it simply a good marriage – the old fashioned way?  Two young kids meet and fall in love. They work hard, get married and have a family. Despite some rocky patches, they work through it, seek guidance and are committed to each other. They are quite simply in love and will live happily ever after.

Makes for a good movie script !

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