“It was great working with Adele, she engaged with participants with her practical approach. She left a lasting impact on the participants and I would rate her as an excellent trainer.”

Cambridge Leadership Academy

“Thanks to Adele I have re found my self-confidence and the person that I used to be and who I want to be. Adele supported and guided me through a journey of self-discovery. Adele is very professional and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable talking to Adele and she enabled me to explore the obstacles I kept putting in the way, in a very easy and non-confrontational way. Thanks to Adele I gained confidence and clarity in my life.”

Sue, Service Manager

“Adele joined one of our workshops as an expert speaker. She provided an energetic and thorough talk to give the audience of marketers a different perspective on how to engage with an audience and help them achieve their goals. Her talk generated lots of interesting and valuable discussions and debate.”

Sarah, Insight Consultant


“I had counselling in the past, and was unsure as to what benefit I would have from coaching, but I have achieved more in a few sessions of coaching that I have done in any other therapy. Adele helped me change some life-long beliefs I have held about myself that were holding me back, and I gained the confidence to successfully apply for a promotion. Adele’s intuitive and professional style put me instantly at ease and has allowed me to make some real breakthroughs.”

Danielle, Project Manager

“The coaching provided me with space to understand my own thought pattern. Adele has helped me to understand that I was the one in control of the journey and it was my choice in the direction I chose to go in.”

Sharon, Chair